Finally Rain in Perth!

It’s Raining In Perth!!!

I have waken up today to the beautiful sound of rain and birds happily singing! I could not be more ecstatic, even if all the clothes that i  hung out to dry yesterday are  now soaking wet! I heard on the weather forecast that it was suppose to rain today, but  had no trust that it would actually happen. This land  had not seen a drop of water since January and today is the 7th of April. It feels cool and even though its lovely to have perpetual blue skies, nothing in extreme is good. Balance is always needed. This earth and this mind and body really missed the rain. It’s funny how in some parts of the world the problem is just the opposite: it rains too much, for days, on and on non stop. I have never lived trough that. Just recently I met another immigrant, who like us,  had chosen Australia as her new home.  She came from England and I can’t remember exactly what town, but her mayor complaint for not going back there was the awful weather of non stop rain. Not seeing the sky for two weeks on could be the most depressing thing she said. The only time i came close to that experience was when I was in Lima, Peru. My whole stay there, I never saw a blue sky, it was always clouded! My Peruvian friends told me that there saw blue skies only during the summer, the rest of the time it was mainly clouded.

I am very used to torrential rainy periods, and even though they leave the city in complete chaos, it feels like it cleans the atmosphere, the streets and spirits are renewed. I love  the  feeling of staying in when its pouring outside, it feels so safe and comforting to have a warm dry place under my head. The colors of my beautiful city are revived and greens look greener then ever. That is one thing I love about Caracas, all the trees, the green that is everywhere and most of all the beautiful mountain range and national park El Avila, that is the lung and heart of our city.  Today I thank god for these drops of water falling from the sky.  They have made me nostalgic of my country  and at the same time extremely happy for this land, its trees, wildlife, and people that desperately needed this water.

Here are some pictures of  beautiful Lake Monger in Perth where you  can see black swans and many other water birds. The lake is surrounded by spacious lawns and a walk and cycle path, and here is where I do my daily exercise every afternoon when I get of work. I have seen how the water level has slowly gone down on the west side of the Lake. So please let there be more rain on the way!

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