Inspiration From a Night Out In Freemantle

Hi everyone! I had a wonderful night out yesterday, celebrating with Mani and Rob that they just got their carpentry degree! I finally got to see Fremantle at night and inspiration just came flowing from everywhere!

I was inspired to wear my Chocolaticas yesterday, they are some very cool shoes by some amazing Venezuelans  designers!










I realized yesterday that I need to make myself a Bag for a night out in the town!  I want it to be white and maybe with a line of black and red. That’s just a thought, on that  tone I took these pictures that also felt had to be black and white.

The front of a Piercing Store

























The night wasn’t only black and white I also felt the color of the Fremantle Port








And the mood of  the blue purple and pink neon night



















I found it peculiar that right before going out I was working on a handbag prototype,  that had me very exited.  I took the woven plastic bag cloth  and cut out flower shapes to embellish a purple handbag.  Those flowers fallowed me everywhere last night!














And finally I found something really exiting in Rob’s coffee table










I really loved these very easy to make tea light holders, and I am completely inspired to make my own version. I will use to decorate the out side wall of the PET Bottle ….Taraaaaaa yes! Plastic Bags cut outs.  So I picked up a couple of bottles on my way home and I am all set to go! Promise to have some picture up very soon with this marvelous way to Up-Cycle these nasty little bottles.








By the way I am really looking forward to going back to Fremantle  next week for the Fremantle Street Art Festival. This Annual event (now in its 13th year) will invigorate the City’s streets over the Easter long weekend. Running for four days (23–26 April). Some of the world’s best street artists from the US, Canada, UK, Argentina, New Zealand and Japan will be there! Can’t Wait!!!



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