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I decided to start a news section. The idea is to share with you things that inspire me and that are related to this REVOLT: Making anything Plastic into Beautiful!

Fremantle Street Art Festival

This week I went to the Fremantle Street Art Festival and saw the incredibly cool band Junkadelics, Perth’s junk music and percussion big band ensemble. They combine self made percussion, horns, vocals and anything else to make music. Junkadelic are intent on spreading funk music and culture  through the use of recycled and found materials !!! They have a great show, creative in all senses!








Polka Dot Vintage Fair Market

I also went to the Polka Dot Vintage Fair Market and saw some really great things, but these umbrellas just made me so happy that I could not resist taking a picture!


















Spotlight Rewarding Their Eco-Conscious Customers

I was also pleasantly surprised when I went to Spotlight. For those of you who are not in Australia, it is not a lamp store, even though that is what I thought for a long time before someone told me. They are a huge store that sells fabrics and things for crafts. I really appreciate that they don’t give you plastic bags. I was surprised this week when I went in for some supplies and found that they are now encouraging people to bring their own bags with this great idea!















102 visits came from 13 countries/territories









I have been using Google Analytics for the past month on this site  and I am so happy with the incredible way that it shows information about the website traffic. It is definitely  powerful, flexible and easy-to-use and lets me see and analyze my traffic data in an entirely new way. They even have a world Map and it tells me from what area’s of the world people are visiting from! So For this past month I have had 102 Visits! which i think it’s great considering that I have only been putting love and energy into the blog for the last 2 months. Plus its always so rewarding to know that people are actually coming to read and see what’s going on! So here are the visits in numbers

27 -Venezuela
10- United States/Canada/Mexico
7 – Spain
2 each-Germany/Portugal/United Kingdom
1-Austria/ and France

To all of you who have visited Thank you and hopefully you will keep coming back! Cheers from the Revolts Headquarters!




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