Pretty Jewelry With Everyday Packaging











A little Math… big Packaging Numbers

Have you ever stopped to think about all the packaging that goes into your bin, every week, just in your household? What kind of products do you consume on a regular basis?









What happens to that Doritos’s package after you eat them all and throw it into the rubish?  I have found it really hard to get accurate facts about this packaging dilemma on the internet but by doing some simple math just within my household, I can see that we are sending a lot of waste into our landfills!










My Farmers Market

I try to be an Eco-Conscious consumer by buying at our lovely weekend farmers Market. We go to the Waneroo Market to stock up on our veggies and fruits for the week. The trip is very beneficial  to our pocket and hopefully  also to our planet! We end up paying at least half of what we would pay if we got the same amount in the supermarket! We take cloths bags with us so that we don’t need any plastic bags or  packaging to bring back home our goodies.


















The Supermarket Packaging  Heaven

There are some basic weekly supplies that we simply must get from the supermarket. So we do end up with packages coming from the coffee we drink everyday, the basmati rice we love, the coke bottles and Doritos the nephew drinks, and so on!










I have also been experimenting with the packaging material my family produces. They have different characteristics than Plastics bags. Plastic bags are very soft and malleable and have great transparencies. Packaging is a denser plastic. It has a stiffness that is excellent for some projects I am working on, and I also like the diverse colors, specially  the silver foil!

So here are some ideas that I am working on using my packaging material to make Pretty jewelry! The Idea was not originally mine. My sewing teacher Ingrid Zoorzolo taught me how to make these pretty flowers! Hope you like them as much as I do, and I would LOVE to hear your comments and ideas.

Upcycling Packaging Material into a Flower Broche




















Upcycling Flower Bracelet made with Packaging Material










Upcycling Flower Hair Band made with Packaging Material


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