Fresh Out Of The Loom!!!


Hi everyone today I am really excited with these new designs! So I thought why wait until I have made something with them if they are so beautiful As Is! So here they are Fresh out of the Loom!

I made a couple of pieces in black and white because I want to make myself a cute clutch handbag for my nights out and I think everything matches with those two colors. I even experimented adding a bit of ribbon.








The Following are woven Plastic Bags and Potato Chip packaging.  Here I explore with  lots of colors. Of course, pink and purple, which are my absolute favorites, but I played with some new ones, like browns! I quite like the color combination that turned out.



























The next pictures show  woven plastic bags and toilet paper packaging. I think it looks so cool!  You would never guess what it is. I am seriously thinking of using this one for my clutch bag  just to see the reaction on people faces when I tell them what it is made of.





















I love how it looks against Light!







This next one is made with a kids floater I picked up from my last garbage scavenging hunt. They are lovely bright colors and I am going to to make a couple of handbags with them but I also wanted to see see how they look woven.













And this last one I made with blue plastic bags and also those transparent ones that you get in supermarkets to put your veggies in. I have tons of those so I wanted to see how they looked woven.









Well as you can see I am really excited with this new batch, but I must now re-warp the loom. For me it’s very important to weave everyday! Sometimes I find that I spend too much time on the internet whether it’s writing for this blog or on my new found social media tool Twitter! I am so hooked! I think it’s such a great way to connect to other people who have your same interests!  I am mainly interested in any creative solutions to plastic as an environmental problem. So if you are not following me yet, please do @bagsrevolt. I share through my tweets  many great ideas that I am exposed to by other amazing tweeters out there as well as what I find while surfing the web for inspiration!



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