Happy Environment Day! News from BagsRevolt














Happy Environment day!!!

For those of you who don’t agree and think everyday should be environment day…yes …that’s very true, but if one day many people concentrate their efforts it’s also good…ALL IS GOOD…. when your intention in to express love for your world!

I  want to share with you some of the highlights and accomplishments from this past month of May.  The picture was taken on My tour to the Tamala Park Landfill and Resource Recovery Faciltity which I have been posting on. I am still writing the third part. This was an amazing experience, highly recommendable, definately a highlight!

I am also very happy because BagsRevolt has Up-Cycled 104 Plastic bags and 24 Food Packaging Material! These are some of the designs that came out of the loom with those materials :

I took all the produce bags I have collected on my trips to the market and decided I need to use them all so most of the design have them.  Now I am staying away from them all together.













I made  this white one with just produce bags and then I made  the second one with green and blue bags. This one is for a lamp I promised my friend Buda, for his beautiful newborn son Ramoncito.




















This next weave is another Portrait for my Harina Pan Series. Here I experimented with a bulky effect, and I love the Results!



















This next one was made with My Coffee Packaging Material. I had a big package that we had bought since it’s better for your economy and the planet to buy in Bulk when possible.











And finally  I have continued to experiment with the the Toilet Paper packaging. I absolutely Love the look when it gets woven, take a look…








Here are the Clutch Bags that I had envisioned when the previous batch came out of the loom: I Am Absolutely in love with the one made with Toilet Paper Packaging and I decided to keep it!



















I am also very excited because everything seems to have doubled this month, and it makes me very happy to have visitors from all over the world! That why I am just in love with Blogging!









It’s Time to get Up And Act!

Everything is happening quickly, this is one of the best ways to reach people globally.

It’s important to act now. that is why tomorrow I am going show my support for the #SayYesAUSTRALIA.



The Australian Government is discussing a price on pollution, The Carbon Tax. This means that the biggest polluters, who until now have been able to emit greenhouse gases for free, will have to pay a fair amount per tonne of carbon pollution they emit. This rewards those businesses that are doing the right thing, and gives other businesses an incentive to clean up their act. The money collected  through the tax would  be spent  on clean energy .

Over $243 billion was invested in renewable energy globally last year. China is currently the world’s biggest investor in renewable energy, followed by Germany and the USA. Australia is being left behind, but a price on pollution will unlock clean energy use, create green jobs and drive innovation in clean energy technologies.

On World Environment Day, June 5, I am heading down to show my support. Come along, bring yourself, your friends and family and join thousands of others at a rally in a major capital city, to show Australia what a difference positive people power can make!

On World Environment Day and EVERYDAY Be Aware of what you consume and the waste you produced. Be Kind to Nature and that includes YOURSELF. Be responsible for that waste you make…RE-DUCE, RE-CYCLE what is being recycled, and always try to RE-USE!

Or even better, do like this group of Earth Carerers did in Subaico, Perth…

Unleach your Creativity UP-CyCle! create Beauty!! While you care for the Planet








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