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Hi everyone.  Happy July!!! This past month of June was a very busy one. I gave my first Workshop Up-Cycling the Creative Approach to Sustainability.  I can say that after two long months of planning and preparing, when the day came on June 23rd, I was very happy to try out all my ideas with the 20 Executives from Chevron. My  two main objectives were:  To create awareness of the environmental problems Plastic is causing and to have a hands on, fun, creative, playful experience of Up-Cycling common household “Trash”.

The participants got to weave Plastic Bags on the Loom, which they all really enjoyed! We used Red, Blue and White the colors of  Chevron for the tapestry that will hang on the walls of their offices here in Western Australia.

We  had a wonderful afternoon. I talked passionately about plastic, its dangers to humans and the environment; and the importance of reducing , recycling and Up-Cycling. I also demystified recycling and told them what it is: a Business. Most of the plastic we consume everyday is not recycled!

They were asked to collect a weeks worth of plastic trash and to bring it along. We made musical instruments and had lots of laughs playing them all at the same time. They tallied their plastics and were amazed on how easy it reproduces.  Then they  were asked to generate ideas on how to reduce and re-use the plastic they were producing. We had some  crazy inventions  and finished  by making a group mandala with all the Plastic Trash they had brought in for the workshop. Here is a picture of the Mandala. I enjoyed  the experience and hopefully there will be many more Workshops,  It’s a great opportunity to learn and to reach more people.

What’s Coming in July

This Next Sunday is the Made in the Left Market and I have been working really hard because I will be selling my handbags and accessories there. So I hope that if you are in Perth you will come down and support this initiative!















Here are some pictures of what I will be selling this coming weekend:

















I have also been making PET Bottle Bangles. Here is a quick  overview of how I make them:  after cleanning the PET Bottles, I cut them in strips and glue them together.

I Take The  Food Packaging Material, which I have found is a stronger plastic than the ordinary Plastic Bags! And no ones talks about banning these.  They are as Bad for the environment.

I am also very happy that in June BagsRevolt  Up-Cycled  90 Plastic bags, 45 Plastic Food Packagings, and 30 PET Bottles!

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