Saying Goodbye to Perth…









This is my last week here in Perth, Western Australia with 1,750,000 Australians and Immigrants from all over the world living in a wealthy, growing city. It is the most isolated state capital of the World. It is a beautiful city, constant blues skies, lovely coast, lots of space and parks! My favorite spot is , a short ride from my house, Mulaloo Beach, where I received my daily dose of Indian Ocean. Where I would sometimes go to see sunsets that inevitably reminded me of my dear homeland. The time difference with Venezuela is exactly 12 hours. When I was saying goodbye to the sun I knew it was exactly the beginning of the day for my loved ones on the other side of the planet.

I have been blessed to have met incredible beautiful people and I am very grateful to have received their kindness! It feels like is has gone by very fast, but It has been a period of my life that I will never forget. I sadly and unexpectedly lost my younger brother, who passed away when I had only been here two months, then my son decided on our Christmas vacation to stay and live with his father in Venezuela. So for the first time in 14 years I didn’t have my son to take care of, with plenty of time for myself…










I came back to Perth full of energy and completely committed to create. Pouring good energy and passion into BagsRevolt. I really enjoyed the hours spent creating in my studio. This rush of energy translated into committing fully to this blog. It has been a meek three months writing, documenting and sharing my thoughts passionately. I have evolved as an artist but most importantly I have gained awareness of myself , my mission and my goals. I am so grateful to have a vision of the path ahead. For so many years I suffered deeply, from not really knowing what I wanted to do in life, with the sense that nothing really satisfied me. Now I know I have made a commitment to create awareness about the problem plastic creates to our environment.  That brings me a huge relief.

I have achieved some important accomplishments in Perth. I developed a great Workshop Up-Cycling the Creative Approach to Sustainability  and had a successful first go with 20 participants. I attended two Made in the Left Markets,  with the products that I have developed with so much love. I have gained invaluable knowledge, that has made me look at my business in different way. During my stay here in Perth the whole concept behind my products and my art has evolved tremendously and I will  always remember that I went to End of the Earth to find myself and my Mission!

Next Sunday I am moving to the East Coast of Australia. I am so looking forward to the CHANGE. Its going to be one of those memorable Road Trips, crossing the famous Nullabor Australian dessert. I have been told to be vary careful with the wildlife on the road: Camels, kangaroos and Emus are some of the animals I am hoping to encounter! It is always so exciting to see something completely new. Did you know that novelty makes life go slower?

So I will take a break from writing while Crossing Down Under !  Of I Go on my Aussie Adventure!


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