Hi It’s been two long weeks, but yesterday I finally slept in what will be my new house in the extremely happening city of Melbourne! But this post is about the trip from Perth to the East Coast of Australia. #DrivingAcrossAustralia if you want to see the tweets I made during the trip.

The distance is often compared to driving from London to Moscow, 4000 Kms! It took us 5 days from Perth to Melbourne, since we decided to take it easy and only drive around 700 km a day.

On our first day, after a 7 hour  drive, we reached the mining city Kalgoorlie, the Gold Capital of Australia. I was pleasantly surprised with the town, it was much prettier that the mining towns I have visited in Venezuela.  It looked like the perfect movie set for a western film. You can tell there is a lot of money.








This is the famous Wild West Saloon, where skimpies serve drinks to locals and tourist barely dressed and where my husband became a legend among his male friends after I uploaded pictures of him hugging two of them.

Right in the outskirts of the city is the SUPER PIT, the biggest gold open pit mine in the country. It produces up to 850,000 ounces of gold every year and its operation far outweighs any other mining centers in Australia.
















After leaving Kalgoorlie, the two f0llowing days were long and pretty much the same kind of scenery. The Roads are excellent, and there are plenty of cars driving, I expected a much more desolate drive. You can see many Caravans and huge Road Trains, a terms I had never heard before, but the perfectly suits these huge trucks. This one was carrying a transportable house so big it took up both lanes!











I had hope to see many Kangaroos and wild animals across the Nullabor dessert but I did not see a single one, only a couple dead ones along the road, but not too many thank god! A lot of people had told me about the dead kangaroos on the road, it seems they come out at dawn and dusk, so we did not drive during those hours, it’s dangerous.  If you hit one of them, not only can you can kill the animal but you can seriously hurt yourself and the car.

































As you can see in this picture not even the loneliest places on Earth are free of Litter!











We crossed the  Nullabor during winter and kept thinking how lucky we were that it wasn’t summer, avoiding the extreme hot weather. It helps save on the cost of Fuel, which can get really expensive in these remote areas. The most outrageous price we paid was 2$ p/liter!

The best part of driving across  Australia was without a doubt the opportunity to see the Southern Right Whales who migrate to the Southern Ocean and use this area as a breeding ground and nursery. I had never seen whales before and I was so Happy and excited to have the opportunity to watch them in their natural beautiful habitat.  It felt like bliss to be in the presence of these majestic mystical huge prehistoric animals!













































I loved the adventure of crossing Australia by car and felt so lucky to have done it. Not a lot of people live the experience, it’s something I can tell my grandchildren about one day… Cheers for the beautiful Ancient land of Australia and it’s incredibly nice and friendly people!




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