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It’s been a month since I unpacked my Loom. I have been experimenting  and ended up making one very long piece that expresses my views and concerns for this precious world we live in.

Ponds, lakes, forest, jungles, billabongs or cenotes are  colors that remind me of these precious natural habitats and the animals that inhabit them.  This part of the piece incorporates Plastic Packaging from different Toilet Paper brands.  Are our needs more important than preserving their habitat?  Where does your toilet paper come from? Is it recycled paper or is the company shopping down trees indiscriminately from some developing country? Something that seems so trivial could have such an impact on making our life on the planet sustainable. Do you know how important trees are for the temperature of the planet?









The Icebergs of Antarctica, the part of the planet where climate change is more visible inspired this part of the piece.










Bread, carrots, coffee bags make up the colors of the soil of our planet where our food grows, sometimes rich in minerals and nutrients and in other places depleted of them by human ignorance. An important aspect of Sustainability is whether we will be able to feed the population of the planet as it continues to grow.  Already it is obvious we are not doing a good job at this task, some countries have obesity epidemics while many die of famine in Africa. What a contrasting world we have created!  When we buy food we are making a statement  of who we are. Our Choices can support a more ethical world. Free range, Organic, Fair trade, locally produced are some of the initiatives that we can support to make a difference.

























Stripes of grey white and bit of blue, the colors of the sky in Melbourne, the part of the planet where I am at at this moment, takes me into a inner mood of reflection of our planet as a whole and its place in the infinite dance of creation. Even though there are storms and grey days ahead for us Humans, life on Earth will persist with or without us.










Inevitably looking up to the sky takes me into a far away place, a place beautifully  captured by the telescopes man has built in it’s quest to understand where it fits in the whole picture of creation. 





















This piece is a tribute to our beautiful planet, were we are all part of  the Web of Life, something that will be here long after I am gone. Maybe an archaeologist from the future will look at it and get a glimpse of how our society functioned. Plastic is the main component of this piece and of all my work, a symbol of a society that only believes in the present satisfaction of its comfort, without stopping to think of the consequences, seriously putting in jeopardy the future of Humanity. But I have Faith that we will pass this test and rise above all the obstacles. We are heading towards a great shift and I am preparing for it.

This Sunday the 2nd of October I will be attending a Workshop at the Port Phillips Eco Center on Spring Gardening. It Covers sustainable garden methods, soils & compost; selecting, sourcing & growing plants; irrigation & water-saving systems and controlling pests. I am very excited since one of my goals this year is to learn how to grow my own food. For more info on this workshop visit their webpage. It’s by donation and a yummy lunch is included!

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