The Capital of Australia is Bag FREE!










This past weekend I made a quick trip ( 6 hour drive from Melbourne) to  the capital of Australia, Canberra. I was happily surprised  when I was at the checkout counter of one of the mayor supermarkets and I realized there weren’t any more lightweight plastic bags!!!










The supermarket had a huge display  of Reusable Bags in all sizes for sale.











I tried looking around the supermarket to see if they had any information posted on the ban and telling people how it worked but I only found this small sign








I am thrilled to see that the ACT has banned plastic bags! Humans don’t like change and many people might at first be annoyed, specially if they forget their reusable bags at home. But soon everyone will get used to it!  I think  there’s nothing better to induce a change in the consumer than to charge for bags, they will think twice about buying them if it directly effects their pocket.

In Western Australia  there is a movement to make Freemantle Plastic free  so check out their website. They have done some amazing  activities to get business on board. If you are out there and would like to take part contact Lisa Griffin. I think Freemantle is so beautiful and cool it deserves to be plastic Free!

ACT is the third state territory in Australia to have banned lightweight plastic bags along with South Australia and the Northern territory. Being the capital  of this nation it’s a very significant advancement.  Hopefully soon the rest of the states will join in.





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