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I am back in Melbourne after a two month vacation in my native country Venezuela, and a quick stop in the US and Mexico. I returned just in time for the Melbourne Sustainable Living Festival!!! As I have said before I can truly appreciate all the activities that are constantly happening around the Sustainability issue in this vibrant city! I am thankful to have all  opportunities to learn more about this subject that I am passionate about.

If you live in  Melbourne check out all the activities of this wonderful event at














I want to invite everyone to come down this Sunday to Federation Square to the big tent where FIX IT ! will be happening. It’s a community gathering to share skills on how to revive useful objects, UPCYCLING at it’s finest!












I will be there as a volunteer with RECYCLING IS FUN, showing people the many ways you can recycle materials when making Crafts.  The main message we are promoting is that Crafts with “trash” are Fun and Healthy.  It’s not only Good for People to be engaged in pleasurable activities but  it’s GOOD for the Environment.

Recycling is Fun is a non for profit organization that has many loving volunteers who are working hard this week preparing materials to give away and some really funny characters to show people that Recycling can be Fun!














So make sure you come down this Sunday to learn and see the many beautiful things that can be made with a bit of creativity and a lot of love for our planet.

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