BagsRevolt @ Cruzao Arepas Bar


Hi everyone I would like to invite you to Cruzao Arepas Bar (365 Brunswick St.
Fitzroy) this next Thursday the 1st of March where I will have my Art Exhibited during the whole month. If you live in Melbourne and haven’t yet checked this wonderful Venezuelan eatery, you really shouldn’t miss it!



Here you can taste Venezuelan cuisine, the specialty being the Arepas that are yummy and a great gluten free alternative. This is also a really happening place with live Latin music almost every night of the week. So visit their website where you can check out their menu and the events calendar

Just a sneak preview :)
























I am thrilled to get a chance to show some of my portraits and hopefully inspire others to try this medium and techniques to creatively re-use plastics bags and plastic food packaging. I am also grateful to Eyal, Cruzao’s owner for inviting me to put my Art on their wall! I would love to get some feed back from those of you who can make it! So come down Thursday eat and Arepa have a Mojito (they are suppose to best one of the best in Melbourne) and see some Art, Cheers!

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