Bottled Water=Plastic Pollution










 Say NO to Bottled Water!

This year when my birthday came around and my husband asked me what I would fancy for my gift. The only thing that I really wanted was a stainless steel water bottle. I know it sounds absolutely crazy that someone who is so concern over plastic pollution in the environment did not already own a water bottle.  I would tried to avoid buying plastic bottles but on one t0o many occasions I ended falling into the trap. I am so happy that I finally have it! It has to be one the most “useful” and USED presents that I have ever received. I think, next to using cloth bags, that this is an essential step that we must all make. If you don’t know why bottled water is so bad, this short video describes perfectly what a huge scam it is to people and to the environment! The water in my  20$ stainless steel thermal bottle taste so sweet and so good in so many ways!


The Joy of Creating…

My husband Mani  has been a professional video editor for the past decade. He loves Films and has now ventured into learning cinematography.

We are currently making a short film on BagsRevolt. Hopefully it will create awareness on plastic pollution and inspire others to take action in Reducing and Reusing single use plastics CREATIVELY.   I think we ALL Play an  important role in Co-Creating  a Beautiful Sustainable World  and  that when we CREATE we experience true Happiness. Making this short film has definitely been a joyous creative process! Here is a sneak preview

The Adventure of Studying Plastic Pollution… 

I have been following the blog Single Use Plastics and Me  for the past year.  Carolynn Box writes about her adventures exploring the gyres  researching plastic pollution in the Oceans. She was part of an expedition in 2011 that studied the plastic debris in the South Atlantic Ocean. Later that same year she embarked on another voyage to the North Pacific Gyre with Algalita and Pangaea Explorations. This is when I came upon her blog and started following it.  A week ago she set sail again on another research voyage, led by 5 Gyres Institute and Algalita Marine Research Foundation. This time to study Japan Tsunami Debris. They are sailing  between Majuro Atoll and Tokyo, Japan. How much plastic debris will they find from last years devastating tsunami?  What an important adventure and thanks to both of these organizations and to people like Carolynn the world is more informed on the real scope of plastic pollution in our oceans! I really enjoy reading her entries on life aboard The Sea Dragon. It’s so exiting,  I feel like I am there, I can just close my eyes and imagine this beautiful sunset…

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