Transition Town World Oceans Day Local Celebration!










Everyone is welcomed to come by and spend a day sharing, appreciating and giving back to our Oceans in community! The meeting point will be at the beginning of the Pier at St Kilda Beach 10pm Saturday June 9th.

I  recently became involved with Transition Port Phillip a community group that is part of the larger and rapidly growing grassroots world movement Transition Towns.  The main goal is to raise awareness of sustainable living and to build local ecological resilience in response to peak oil, climate destruction and economic instability. To learn more about this world movement, the following Ted talk is by Rob Hopkins founder of the transition movement.

An important part of building resilience is learning how to grow your own food and it is something I have had on my  priority list for a while now. In my flat in Melbourne I have a small garden that gets very little sunlight. Fortunately I live very close to the EcoCenter and have been volunteering there with the garden team. Their Community garden is open to everyone and the coordinator, Will Pulin is always smiling and WILLing  to help and teach. He is currently running some excellent workshops that are very economical and lots of Fun! I have attended the past two Garden Art and Companion Planting and spent a wonderful day, met very interesting people and in the end, we all shared a delicious lunch with the veggies and greens this magnificent garden produces! The next workshop on June 17th Urban Permaculture Workshop -Basic Beginner Gardening  is a perfect opportunity to come by and finally  try gardening out! You wont be disappointed.

Some of the characters we build  with recycled materials for the garden:






























Learning abut Companion Planting:




























Getting the Veggies and Sharing a Feast!








































Learning a new way to Re-use Plastic Bags
I am learning how to crochet with my plastic bags mainly because it is a lot more practical and easy than using my loom. If I learn, I will be able to teach more people since a crochet hook is only a couple of dollars and a loom is very expensive. I had been put off in the past with crochet thinking it was very complicated,  but I have found some simple tutorials on youtube and I was able to make this funny little turtle for Ocean Day:


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