Celebrating in Comunnity


















This is an invitation to come and join us this Wednesday for the screening of the film In Transition 2.0. Witness how this Social Movement is Changing and Engaging Communities all over the Globe.

Transition Port Phillip is our Local Community Experiment. We promote Gatherings and Opportunities to  enhance Connectedness and Sustainable Living within our Vibrant and Diverse community.

Some of our recent activities:

Transition Port Phillip Local World Oceans Day Celebration:
St Kilda Beach, Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne

Children and adults Shared the effort of picking up Melbourne’s Plastic Litter and then Celebrated  afterwards with a Warm Soup that felt Good to the Body and to the Soul!





















Convivial Kitchen, fortnightly at the Port Phillip EcoCentre

A space for our Community to Share knowledge, Tips, Laughs and Delicious Food that uses Ingredients that are Natural, Sustainable, Earth and People Loving !











The Garden Team
​meets at the at  the Port Phillip EcoCentre Community Garden

It’s a space to appreciate the Beauty and Abundance of Nature, to Connect to the Earth and  fellow gardeners. Learn how to grow food, share knowledge and celebrate by eating together the harvest! 











EcoDrinks: This is our newest experiment… come and Join us!!!










I love being part of the Transition Port Phillip Community ! I find Joy, Comfort, Friends and knowledge in these gatherings and I invite everyone to come and join the Celebration! If you are not in Melbourne search within your Community for Groups that share your interest and go out and connect to others. There is so much to gain from it! As the Hopi’s remind us in one of their prophecies: The time of the Lone Wolf is over. Gather yourselves in a sacred manner and in celebration!

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