Funky Garden Art From Single Use Plastics









The Port Phillip EcoCentre is embracing Sustainable House Day 2012 on Sunday, 9th of September from 10am-4pm. The event is designed  to pick up ideas & explore D.I.Y and technological solutions to make your home greener, whether you rent or own.  Some of the activities are Tours of the EcoHouse, Solar’ talk & info session and  workshops on  Carbon-cutting, making Nesting Boxes and  The Funky Garden Art  Workshop. This  last one is an initiative of Transition Port Philip, Chloe Farmer and I will be facilitating it! The activities are wonderful for children of all ages and adults alike so come down and have fun and learn how to Up- cycle those single use Plastics!

If you want a little taste of what we will be making in the workshop… Scarecrows, Snakes, Caterpillar and Turtles are some of the  Ideas that I have tried out this past month with my weekly Fantastic Plastic group.  So many things can be made with a little bit of creativity and the will power to reuse single use plastics!

The Very Hungry Caterpillars…









These caterpillars are made by simply  threading with a thin wire bottle caps and fused plastics bags that are cut in circles and squares.











Aren’t they AWESOME?????

Celebrating that Spring is Finally here… Flowers











These pretty flowers are so easy to make. When you make “Plarn” plastic yarn, you cut of the handles. We had many leftover handles so I showed the group how to make these flowers. You simply sew with short stitches along the handle and gather and you get a flower. We layered three flowers added a piece to the center and stapled on to a straw!











Turtles Visiting the Garden…




















I have been saving veggie nets for a long time and hadn’t yet thought of a good use for them. These carcass are made by crocheting bread bags and toiler paper packaging, mainly that soft plastic used in food packaging. The only complicated thing about making these turtles is crocheting the outer shell but even that can be simplified by plating a braid and sewing in the shape of the carcass.  The rest is pretty simple stuff veggie bags with plastic bags and create the desired form and sew. I love the details of the eyes, balloons make them pop out and so colorful. These turtles are not only irresistible they feel great. The tactile sensation is a great stress reliever…
















Funky Scarecrow:














Well I don’t think this scarecrow will scare of any birds, but she still is really cute!!! Hope you are inspired to come along  this Sunday the 9th and try it out!


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