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If you love the Oceans and  it’s inhabitants this special evening a Conversation with Captain Charles Moore is a must! He is the top man in the world of plastic pollution activism . Thanks to his scientific research we know the real scope of the problem.  The Myth that there is a giant island of trash floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, would actually be good news, since then it would be easy to clean up. His findings show that are our oceans have become more like a BIG Plastic Soup and that it’s not just the Pacific Ocean that is in trouble. Captain Moore in 1997 discovered what is commonly known as the Pacific Garbage patch and since then his Foundation Algalita Marine Research Institute has led numerous expeditions to gather and analyze scientific data in the (North and South) Pacific and Atlantic Oceans as well as the Indian Ocean. Their aim is to educate people and thus create a path towards a plastic pollution free world! As you might guess I am thrilled with the opportunity to meet him, hear his message and to be part of the conversation! I am also excited that time permitting they will also show our video!

In the fallowing video Captain Moore explains the reasons why he chose to tour  the Pacific Rim and start this important conversation.

On this night you can also pick up a signed copy of his new book Plastic Ocean with a 20$ donation. There will also be a preview screening of the documentary TRASHED (2012) featuring Jeremy Irons.

I hope that this films with its amazing images and important message is seen by millions and changes the way people consume and dispose of their trash. I encourage you to come along and bring as many people as you possibly can! It is crucial for our survival to change our ways. We all have a responsibility and it definitely must start with us, the more informed we are the easier it is to change.

I also want give a special thank  and huge shoutout to both Two Hands Project and Take 3 not only for making this conversation possible but for all the amazing, creative and  hard work they put into spreading the word on Plastic pollution and inspiring people to clean up our world. Their simple messages  “take 30 Minutes and Two Hands to clean up yOUR world anytime, anywhere” and “take three pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway or… anywhere and you have made a difference.” are both so simple but so doable!

If you  are in Melbourne you are invited this Saturday the 15th to the Transition Port Phillip Monthly Beach Clean Up. We will meet at Elwood beach at 10 o’clock-It is one of the ways our local community can protect the beautiful Port Phillip Bay from Plastic pollution!

Being informed is just the first step,  Reducing your plastic consumption is the second and as we all know you will still end up with plastic so Get Creative and Reuse. Here are some ideas from the Funky Garden Art Workshop we had this past weekend. It was finally a lovely WARM Spring Day here in Melbourne!!! We had a diverse, beautiful and as you will see extremely creative crowd participate.

















































































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