Plastic Free Beaches! Tasmania











I recently returned from a 12 day holiday from the beautiful island of Tasmania, Australia’s most southern territory and it’s closest land to the Antarctica.




















Without a doubt one of the most beautiful and pristine part’s of this amazing planet.  The coastline on the east side has some of the most stunning beaches. I visited Bay of Fires and Freycinet National Park  which are not only breath taking but they must be the only beaches I have been to in many many years where I have not seen a single piece of plastic! It’s probably due to a combination of reason; the ocean currents of the area, the proximity to Antarctica a continent with very few human inhabitants and maybe the willingness of the people who live and visit the area to keep it clean and beautiful. An example of this is the small town of Coles Bay, situated  just before entering the park,  which happens to be the first town in Australia to ban plastic bags!!!
















During my 12 day skim over this vast and varied land I  was highly impressed with the natural wonders, coastlines, rivers, forest and wildlife, even though the possums could get a bit too friendly during dinner at the campsite. The food was also memorable from the  huge fresh oysters of Bruny Island to the blueberry pies from kate’s Berry Farm  that my husband still dreams with. (not Kate but the pie)
















One of the unexpected highlights of my trip was visiting the Tahune Air walk.  We stayed  in the park’s lodge. The staff was very friendly and the accommodations were new and clean. The best part of the stay was around 5:30 in the afternoon when all the tourist and park workers went home, so we got the whole park to ourselves. The air walk at night is a completely different experience than  doing it during the day, well worth the over night stay at this magical place!

















There was so much that we didn’t have time to see!  Tasmania is definitely a place I will always remember:  it’s starry nights, forest walks, pristine cold waters; a place where I was reminded of what our planet is really like without the interference of humans. I felt the peace, love and bliss in God’s creation outside and inside of me. The return to city life was painful, but here I am,  back in Melbourne ready to work and with some great projects on the way, that I will share with you soon enough!


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