Come and Celebrate BayCare Day!


Do you love Port Phillip Bay? Come and see local community action to protect our Bay. The event will be this Sunday 7th April, 10.30am to 1pm at the St Kilda Pier and beach.

It’s a great opportunity to meet people who are actively working towards preserving this beautiful bay. Maybe you decide to join a group that organize regular beach clean ups or those that do important research and preservation work on this ecosystem.

It is and event for the whole family, with some awesome activities for the little one’s: They can meet the Litter Fairy, who will try out her wand to make trash disappear, participate in the seashell safaris, make sand sculptures and be the first to play the ‘Penguin Panic’ board game.

I will be there, with other members of  Transition Port Phillip hosting an interactive community art installation. Everyone passing by can add to the installation there own touch whether it’s a message or a sand sculpture, or maybe just a bottle cap touch.  You can stop by 10 minutes or stay the whole morning, having fun, creating art and hopefully creating awareness of the issue of plastic pollution in our oceans.  We would love to have you participate, bring along any plastics you would like to use (bottle caps, pet bottles, straws, etc) from home, or that you pick up on that day from the beach. We will also have some  plastics there for you to choose from.

So, come along this Sunday, learn about the Bay, see and meet the amazing community who help keep it clean,  have fun playing, making art, breathing in the ocean air and enjoying the sunny warm days before winter is finally here!

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