Celebrating World Environment Day with Creativity















The great team from the Sustainability Department of Port Phillip Council have organized an amazing celebration for World Environment Day and the whole community is invited.

Discover, create. have fun, be inspired, celebrate the connections between sustainability and the arts with free workshops, performances and more for World Environment Day 2013.


I was invited to facilitate another Community Art Installation at this event.  I have been gathering during the last couple of months the materials/plastics from the streets of St. Kilda, the beach clean ups and some from  my friends that have kindly collected them for me. It’s all ready to make the  Earth Mandala.





















Come along and participate! Be inspired by the colors, by your Love for Nature. Let’s make a beautiful call to action to the community, letting everyone know that these plastics must be kept out of the environment. We can all do that by Refusing, Reducing and Reusing Creatively single use plastics!

During the month of June (29 May – 26 June 2013)   there will  also be an exhibition of environmental themed artworks by local artists at The Gallery of the St Kilda Town Hall. It is now open to the public Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5pm, but the official launch will be during the World Environment Celebration, so for those of you who are in Melbourne, hope you can make it! For my family and friends  on the other side of the world here are the 3 pieces made by me that are being exhibited.








Plastic Fish Ocean is my first lightbox, which I had being meaning to do for a long time and which I hope to do many more. It was made by fusing plastics bags and food packaging (chip bags, tortillas, nuts and salt) from my own consumption.














Climate Chaos- The technique is also fused plastic bags.










Pretty Consumerism is a collage/ quilt made with different pieces of woven plastics bags and food packaging.

It has been almost 2 years since I arrived to Melbourne and even though the beginning was tough; cold and lonely. I am now  joyful and full of gratitude to God and to all those wonderful people who have supported me and helped me reach the point where I am today. To all of you may you receive multiplied the Love and Kindness you have given me! And May We All Express Creatively Our Love, Kindness and Appreciation For This Beautiful  Planet That We Live In Everyday!

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