Making Sea Creatures with Plastics


The workshop: Making Sea Creatures with Plastics  that I facilitated at the Port Phillip Ecocentre  this past Saturday  was one of the most fun and productive workshops yet! I was surprised at the great turnout considering it was planned and promoted in 1 week’s time. The variety of attendees also made it quite interesting, lots of kids with their moms and also the more mature crowd. The kids where very productive and the outcome was stunning!


Just a note on running a workshop like this one: it is very easy to set up, simply collect all sorts of single use plastics: plastics bottle and caps, straws, ropes, candy wrappers, Cd’s, lighters, etc. Practically anything that is plastic will work. Start saving the materials up and ask your students or kids to do the same. Once you have enough materials, you will need a hot glue gun to glue the plastics together. Lay out all the materials and let Creativity flow! The reaction I have gotten both from Children and adults are very positive, I  guarantee most people will  truly enjoy this activity. I hope the pictures inspire you to try this out!



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Creating Sea Creatures With Plastics is a great way to promote awareness on the issue of plastic pollution in our Oceans and on the need to protect these majestic creatures from our plastics!

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