Spring into Gardening


Everyone’s invited this  Sunday the 13th of October for a day of FUN at the Victoria Gardens. There will be free activities for everyone, including presentations, demonstrations, children’s activities and market stalls. I will be there with BagsRevolt making Sea Creatures with Plastics! We will also be making a Mural for the Toorak Library. It’s a great opportunity to leave a beautiful creative message that we need to protect these little creatures from our trash!

I have been making this banner for our stall. We will  make another banner this Sunday at the event and both canvases will be the mural that will be on display at the Toorak Library.










I think these little sea creatures that emerged are quite cute, what do you think?

















































The activity is best suited for older kids (4+) but the little one can participate with their parents helping them out.  I was asked by the council to come down to the garden on Tuesday, because the Weather Man from Channel 10 was coming to film (he is the announcer at the event) to promote the day. The Mayor was also there and a group of kids from a local Kindergarten. I was lucky to get such good helpers. This team of mom and daughter made this lovely dolphin:



















I hope to have some beautiful pictures of the grand celebration for the much welcomed arrival of Spring!  For me it’s a farewell celebration (one of many to come in the next 3 weeks).  I will be leaving permanently in early November the beautiful land of Oz. But there is one more BIG SURPRISE/CELEBRATION before I takeoff more on that soon!

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