BAYKEEPERS Documentary

I am leaving Australia permanently in one week and I could not be happier to announce the premiere of Baykeepers on the last night before take-off! I have been working as a producer on this documentary for the last 6 months with a very talented and committed  team. Among them my husband and editor of the film Manuel Mejia. We were also blessed to work with the accomplished director Michael Lutman, who had previously made the film Plasticized  and with the much loved community leader Neil Blake.

The story follows Port Phillip Baykeeper, Neil Blake on the journey to measure how far the age of plastics has invaded the bay, discovering a growing community striving to protect Port Phillip Bay for generations to come.

The premiere will be  Monday 4 November at  the Beachcomber Cafe, Jacka Boulevard, St Kilda. 6.30pm for 7pm screening, the cost is free, but Cost Please book at the following link:

BAYKEEPERS is not only visually stunning but a captivating story that will make people think about plastics entering the waterways and how they are affecting the diverse and rich wildlife of this beautiful bay. Unfortunately a story that is replicated in many other places around the globe.

I will be moving back to the Americas where I will continue to work relentlessly and creatively promoting not only awareness but solutions to the problem of plastics in our environment. As for my stay in Australia it has exceeded all my expectations and dreams. I am eternally grateful to this land and to all the people that have supported me, these past 4.5 years,  both in Perth and in Melbourne.  Thank You All for your friendships, kindness, generosity and spirit!

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