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I have been invited to participate in Ecopazifico! An interdisciplinary collective of people from all over the world who will come together in the Southwest of the Colombian Pacific coast to co-create with the community of this region an environmental education project based on art and creativity. 

The project takes place in the remote fishermen towns of Juanchacho, Ladrilleros and La Barra in Malaga Bay National park, where whales travel from September to December from the cold waters of Patagonia to raise their baby whale. Unfortunately like a big part of our planet the amounts of plastics is this region is a serious threat to the ecosystem and to these very special visitors.

My contribution in ecopazifico will be sharing with the community diverse techniques to reuse plastics creatively through art and the making of handicrafts. I also intend to promote the Vision Eco Bricks project where children, teachers and parents come together to make eco bricks to build green spaces in their community. I will be leaving soon and will spend a month in this grandiose social experiment!

To learn more about the project visit  and if you want to support this  initiative you can share the link in your social media networks and make a donation by clicking on this link:

Hope to come back with some amazing stories, many new friends and having gained invaluable experience working in communities. Wish me luck!!!

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